Geochemistry & Astrochemistry

Geochemistry is the study of composition, structure, processes, and other physical aspects of the Earth. Geochemist examine the distribution of chemical elements in rocks and minerals, as well as the movement of these elements into soil and water systems. It includes Cosmochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry, etc. Astrochemistry spans the disciplines of chemistry, planetary science, chemical biology, physics, astronomy, Astrobiology, Space Chemistry, Aerospace needs, computational science, etc. Astrochemists perform experimental and computational laboratory studies.

  • Isotope Geochemistry
  • Cosmochemistry
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry
  • Photogeochemistry
  • Astrobiology
  • Space chemistry and Aerospace needs
  • Interstellar chemistry
  • Creation of Robotic Landings on other Planets

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