Industrial and Engineering chemistry

Industrial chemistry is a branch of chemistry where different chemistry branches can be applied. This is actually mixture of chemistry and engineering which is applied in industry for human benefits. Industrial chemistry includes each and every applications of chemistry may be that on polymer, nanotechnology, petrochemical industries, gaseous industries, etc. Industrial chemistry maintain different process as wet process, cracking, hydrogenetion etc. The main areas of research and teaching are on the catalyst and process development, mechanical and thermal unit operations and process of chemical reaction engineering. The Chemical Technology enables efficient production of basic, intermediate and end products. Industrial chemists make use of their broad understanding of chemistry and environmental sustainability in areas like pharmaceutical companies, polymer manufacturing, petrochemical processing, food science, and manufacturing industries.

  • Industrial photo chemistry
  • Applied chemistry
  • Wet process
  • Nanotechnology involved in industrial chemistry
  • Industrial electrochemistry
  • Petroleum and organic industrial chemistry
  • Metallurgical industrial chemistry
  • Industrial polymers, metals and composites chemistry

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